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Charity Rocks!

Christmas is around the corner and for some that means endless queing, mindless shopping and lots of stress... or perhaps not? A number of companies are prepared to help you with a much smarter alternative.

Companies like DESMO and Inspons focus on charity. DESMO have developed a smart solution which allow retail companies to accept donations, when the consumer is about to complete a purchase. CDon and Babyshoppen are among DESMO customers and I am sure more will join this group in near future.

The company Inspons has a slightly different approach to charity. So called "insponsors" are people or companies who decide to combine charity with a specific competion such as a marathon or perhaps a great project like Karl Lindqvist metrorace (follow on twitter). Stockholm has 100 metro stations and on his old bicycle Karl will try to visit each station during the same day, starting  at 5 in the morning this coming Monday. For each station he visits, he will tweet a picture proof and donate 10 kronor to the charity foundation Polstjärnan. Stockholm has received about 60 cm of snow the last weeks, and it is unlikely to be warm and sunny on Monday morning at 5 o'clock. Go Karl!

I think we should all start sharing more...it not only makes you feel good, it even makes a difference for somebody else.

Merry Christmas and remember - charity rocks!



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