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Intermittent issues with SEB direct + BABS/Swedbank/Valitor Batches on DT platform

Platform: DT
Issue: Batches from BABS, Swedbank and Valitor not processed correctly
2017-11-21 14:15
Investigation is ongoing, and we are working towards a solution.
2017-11-20 11:00
We are currently experiencing issues with Batch files on DT for BABS/Swedbank and Valitor, we are investigating the issue.

Platform: DT/D2 (Solved)
Issue: SEB direct payments experience intermittent issues
2017-11-21 14:00
D2 transactions has now been cleaned up as well, and this incident is now cloased.
2017-11-21 11:30
Cleanup of D2 transactions are ongoing, we wil lget back to you once they have been cleaned up.
2017-11-20 12:45
DT transactions have now been cleaned up, we are working on cleaning up the D2 transactions.
2017-11-20 11:00
The issue is solved, and A cleanup task has been initiated, and we are awaiting the result from that.
2017-11-17 12:00
Investigation is ongoing, and we are working towards a resolution, we will keep you updated here and by status mails.
2017-11-17 10:15 
DIBS is currently experiencing intermittent issues with SEB direct payments. Some transactions might receive status processing. We are in the process of investigate and correcting the issue.